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  • Someone just said that my skin looks like a baby's 😂 Thank you, but it's this combo right here. I have redness, acne, and scars but these two help with all of the above! What's your go-to foundation?
  • Do any of you break out the glitter this time of year? I feel like it's appropriate during the holidays (even though I wear it year-round ✨).
  • Love a classic red lip for the holidays. I just posted a very simple holiday makeup look featuring glitter and this lipstick. Link in bio 💞
  • OoOoOOo, one of my favorite highlighters is going to be in my new #blogmas post. Keep your eyes peeled, but sunnies on 😎
  • Went to the most magical boutique over the weekend! I want to spend my days surrounded by giant stuffed animals.
  • You can still wear fluffy sweaters when you get older, right?